1 The Current State of the Germanic Afterlife

 As of 2005, there appears to be 3 general approaches to an Afterlife among the ancient Germanic Peoples. This triad has been around since the early 1990s and has repeatedly shown up in journal articles published by the various heathen organizations, on web pages on the internet and in various fora both on the internet and at heathen gathering often called 'Moots' or 'Þings' (based respectively on the Anglo-Saxon and Norse words for "official gathering or meeting). The 3 current destinations after death are
  1. within the hall of one's patron god or goddess,
  2. in Hel, the ancient Germanic land of the dead, or
  3. within a cycle of reincarnation, often expressed as being within one's fam- ily line.

Touching any of these modern beliefs with any counter arguments based on current accepted research stands usually results in long drawn out arguments which often deteriorate into name calling sessions. Rudimentary analysis of any of these discussions show not only poor support on the part of the participants on both sides of the issues but also clearly show the passion with which adherents imbue their personal belief systems. In this paper we will describe the current concepts of the Afterlife in an attempt to determine from where they may stem, lay out what is known from research and what the accepted concepts are, and finally we will try to 'bridge the gap' of understanding between these modern forms and there older counterparts.

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